The purposes of the company are:

  •  To develop studies and reports on public works projects, building, urban planning, cartography, geotechnics, hydrology and environment.

  •  To project works in the fields of the architecture, urban planning, civil and industrial engineering in all its branches, as well as to provide Technical Assistance to the Director of works, management and inspection of all kinds of works and referred to the following subjects:

    • Civil works: roads, railways, hydraulic lines, dams, water supply, sewage infrastructures, treatment plants for drinkable water and waste waters, ports, airports, and land management, urban planning, land transformations, streets urbanizations, lighting, parks and gardens.
    • Agriculture & Livestock: modernization of irrigation, soil protection and correction, storage silos, fish hatcheries, animal stables.
    • Industrial facilities, use of energy sources, generation an power distribution facilities in high or low voltage, heating and air conditioning facilities, research and study of minerals and rocks.
    • Adequate natural, scenic and ecological reforestation, forestry works and environmental restorations.