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Department of Environment, Water, Urbanism and Housing of the Valencian Community
Department of Infrastructure and Transport of the Valencian Community
Provincial Council of Valencia
Provincial Council of Alicante
EPSAR. Public Entity Wastewater Treatment (Valencian Community)
IVVSA. Valencian Institute of Housing (Valencian Community)
REGSA. Regs de Catalunya (Catalonia Irrigation Infrastructures)
VAERSA. Valencia Waste Energy Utilization (Valencian Community)
Balear Water Agency Balearic Islands
EMAYA. Municipal Water and Sewerage. Council of Palma de Mallorca


Ministry of General, Rural and Marine Environments
Ministry of Development
SEIASA. State Infrastructure Agricultural Society


Jucar River Basin Agency (Valencia)
Segura River Basin Agency (Murcia)
Tajo River Basin Agency (Madrid)
ACUAMED. Waters of the Mediterranean Basin
ACUAJUCAR. Waters of the Jucar Basin